Planning, delivering and supporting organizational change through ServiceNow Consulting, Implementation and Managing Services.

About Us

Every successful business understands the importance of good customer service and employee experience. But, it can be extremely difficult to improve service quality because of the complexity of service management. Legacy systems are incapable of dealing with this complexity.

ServiceNow gives you a comprehensive approach to service management that can extend every business process across the enterprise and the entire supply chain. Service excellence enables organizations to attract and retain top talent, accelerate product development and time-to-market, streamline processes and improve operational efficiency, discover new sources of revenue, and succeed in digital transformation initiatives.

Why Choose Croyten

While ServiceNow provides an outstanding foundation for building service excellence, Croyten complements and adds value to it on many levels. We use our deep knowledge about workflows and business processes within enterprise services supported by ServiceNow to design roadmaps with long-term strategic plans to use ServiceNow as an integrated platform for all major corporate business operations, IT services and integration with GRC and security policies. We help clients understand what efforts toward transformation have to be made to optimize the investments made on ServiceNow.

The key to our success stems from our breadth and depth of experience in ServiceNow and from our proven methodology when working closely in partnership with each client. Our approach towards ServiceNow customization is flexible and scalable and can be adapted to fit a client’s waterfall and agile project management and software development practices. While reference models and assessments are key to understanding a client’s maturity and prevailing challenges, a broad understanding of the current technical capabilities and plans for the future help differentiate Croyten from its competitors. Some of the unique advantages of our approach include dynamic service portfolio, cost saving and operation efficiency by removing of duplication across services and leveraging optimized ITIL- based process stacks, proven UX experience including personas, service catalogs and gamification, control shifted from your suppliers back to you, and turn-key integrated supplier model.

Our Solutions and Services

Every organization’s needs are different; the changes they face in industry, business processes, internal IT structures, etc. are unique. However, certain best practices can be applied across organizations. We have consolidated these best practices into turnkey digital solutions that include a wide range of services to help enterprises unlock the full potential of Service Now solutions and transform their business experience. Our primary services include:


Transformation design, migration strategy and roadmap services for ServiceNow implementation and upgrades.


Developing applications to deliver seamless user experience and efficiency to rapidly address business needs.


Full Lifecycle Implementation Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud Customer Portal, Partner Portal, etc.


Onboarding training for all kinds of ServiceNow account types and for all business roles.


Monitoring and maintenance of your ServiceNow instances to ensure system performance and guarantee smooth upgrades.


Implementing standard ServiceNow modules to accelerate implementation timelines and maximizing business value.

Our Focus

Industry-specific digitized processes and data architectures drive business value and reduce cost. We work with our clients to accelerate their digital transformation through ServiceNow industry specific cloud solutions. Whatever size your business, we have specialized solutions to support the capabilities your business needs most to thrive and grow. We have successfully developed ServiceNow digital solutions for the following industry sectors: