At Croyten we have a team of expert consultants who take a unique and innovative approach to provide companies with first-class solutions for their business intelligence, software development, user experience and usability, infrastructure and information security needs.

Croyten takes a unique and innovative approach to provide companies with a data delivery system using state-of-the-art technology.

Founded in 2007 by entrepreneurs with in-depth business expertise and a passion for technology, Croyten has grown into a leading and unique provider of cutting-edge solutions to improve Business Intelligence, Web and Mobile Applications, and Information Security Solutions and Services, and Risk Management Services.

Our core mission is to empower organizations to transform their data into valuable, actionable, useable, information that can be securely viewed by intelligible web platforms.

Leading organizations across all major vertical industries, including; telecom, technology, e-commerce, retail, banking, asset management, consumer goods, retail, healthcare, insurance, and government have turned to our solutions and services to become more flexible, more productive, more agile, and more competitive.