IT Solutions Company

We are a team of highly trained and experienced Information Technology and Management experts. Our team consists of experts with years of hands-on experience in cloud computing and deployment, digital transformation, and business intelligence.

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Our combined team experience coupled with our agile solution delivery style while being mindful of time-to-market and budget makes us a unique and effective partner to any organization looking for a highly successful and efficient outcome.

Our core mission is to partner with our customers to facilitate success and innovation so they can focus on their business operations and growth; leaving the heavy technology lifting to us.

What We Do

Digital Transformation

Cloud Services

Web Design

UI UX Design


Cloud Services

Deep Learning



We work across verticals. We focus on what we do best while leveraging our clients’ business and industry expertise to meet their goals. We recognize that our clients are experts in their fields and we don’t pretend that we know more than they do. By tapping their business knowledge and merging it with our technical know-how, we have a formula for success in creating best of class solutions.

The industries we serve include e-learning, Fintech, insurance, investment banking, banking, healthcare, technology, publishing, telecom, energy, manufacturing, and venture-backed startups.

Our consultants have worked with some of today’s most competitive and leading organizations.

Croyten’s technology team is among the best-in-breed. With two decades of combined experience in the industry, our consultants are experts in their fields.

They utilize state-of-the-art advanced technological tools, critical business intelligence and Web platforms. Some of the technologies and platforms we deployed are: