SEO Consulting Services

Unlike Search Engine Marketing, SEO is a marketing method that bumps your website in the organic search results using the right keywords and keyword placements. Allow our team to assist you to have an SEO-optimized website that increases traffic and brand awareness for your business. Our SEO consulting services will help you receive higher return on investment (ROI) and conversion.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

If you’re looking for an efficient form of digital advertisement, search engine marketing is the way to go. Through using active search engines such as Google, Bing, YouTube among others, we will make your organization appear at the top search results and get instant visits from potential customers.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click advertising is an advertisement model where advertisers pay per click on their online website. Platforms like Google are used to display the advertisers online website. If this fits your business advertisement needs, then Croyten can make it happen for you!

Email Marketing

Get more out of your marketing campaigns by making use of the power of email in advertising. Our team can help you create creative and beautiful email campaigns that are relevant, targeted, and engaging for your audience to see.

Keyword Research

Get your product and service ads on display by choosing the right keywords that can trigger your search. Croyten specializes in finding the right keywords and building calculated algorithms to make sure that every word searched leads to your website.

Link Building

Boost your website rankings and dominate search engines by linking your website to blogs and other platforms that guarantee real business connections. Our team is seasoned in establishing the right backlinks that best work for your business.

Google Display Network (GDN)

Reach your target audience by being present across multiple platforms. The best network to host this are Google sites such as Gmail and YouTube where 90% of internet users are active. Croyten can help you choose the right ads for you, whether that is engagement, image, responsive, or Gmail ads. Target the right and prospective audience by marketing in pages most relevant to your services.

Youtube Advertising

YouTube is a video-sharing site that can be a powerful tool for expanding your market reach. It allows your business to build an online community where you can instantly interact and share content with your subscribers. Croyten can help you create content in video, image, and text format, and place them in specific locations of the page that you can control and monitor.