Scalable End-to-End Salesforce Consulting Solutions Across Business Domains


About Us

Croyten delivers Salesforce consulting and managed services for mid-size to large enterprises and public sector organizations that run Salesforce CRM. Moreover, we leverage our deep industry knowledge to personalize your salesforce experience, so that you derive more value from your Salesforce investment through a holistic approach and full lifecycle capabilities. Also, our vision is to help enterprises accelerate business transformation by offering an integrated approach covering people, processes, technology, applications, and data.

Why Choose a Cloud-based CRM?

As data streams diversify, it is crucial to derive meaningful insights from them by streaming data emanating from multiple sources into a central CRM platform. Firstly, 60% of businesses worldwide are now using cloud-based Customer Relationship Management software, because of which, Global Cloud Computing market size is now USD 456 billion and is projected to grow at a rate of 15% per annum. In addition, business has moved in this direction because shared experiences and open communication between business stakeholders enabled by cloud computing can help drive enterprise-wide collaborations and customer service success by bringing sales channels closer and enhancing employee productivity. Finally, with a cloud-based CRM, all your data is instantly and globally available. Also, your data can be organized and displayed to give you a comprehensive, real-time view of your business.


Customized Salesforce Solution

Salesforce’s industry-leading offerings have revolutionized how organizations sell, market and deliver services. A customized salesforce platform can allow you to consolidate your oeuvre of cloud services and marketing solutions into one multi-channel platform.

Why Choose Croyten


Given the vast and deep Salesforce functionality and the rapidly evolving business environment, it is crucial to find the right Salesforce service partner for your immediate and long-term business needs. But finding the right partner amongst 1,000+ Salesforce service providers is a daunting task, given that some of these providers make a quick exit after the initial launch, while others deliver low-quality offshore customer support. Still others lack the deep knowledge to customize more complex Salesforce cloud products.

Cut through this noise by choosing Croyten as your Salesforce technology partner. With services designed for enterprises looking to transition Salesforce from a point solution to a strategy platform. Let us solve your complex Salesforce service market problems through a combination of deep industry knowledge, global outreach and digital solutions designed to cater to the needs of all organizations at all stages of Salesforce adoption.


Crotyen is the partner of choice for enterprises that seek to drive maximum value from their Salesforce investment. Croyten andⓇ leverage cloud computing trends and analytics to help our clients connect with their customers in ways that build customer loyalty and propagate business growth. Our applications can be embedded into Salesforce, thus, creating a seamless user experience and workflow between apps that save your time and effort.

Our Solutions and Services

Every organization’s needs are different; the changes they face in industry, business processes, internal IT structures, etc. are unique. However, certain best practices can be applied across organizations. We have consolidated these best practices into turnkey digital solutions that include a wide range of services to help enterprises unlock the full potential of Salesforce solutions and transform their business experience. Our primary services include:



Cloud Readiness Assessment

GAP Analysis

Business Process Mapping

Technology Platform Evaluation

Architecture and Roadmap



Extending Salesforce Features

Custom Application Development

Scalable Mobile Experiences

Interface Development



Full Lifecycle Implementation

Sales, Service and Marketing Cloud

Customer Portal, Partner Portal, etc.



Integration With Other Applications

Unstructured Data Integration

Middleware for Integration

Extensive Integration Testing

Salesforce Standard APIs

Integration With Backend Systems


Data Migration

Customer Data Extraction

Enterprise Data Duplication

Data Migration Testing



24 x 7 Global Support

Our Focus

Industry-specific digitized processes and data architectures drive business value and reduce cost. Moreover, we work with our clients to accelerate their digital transformation through Salesforce industry specific cloud solutions. Whatever size your business, we have specialized solutions to support the capabilities your business needs most to thrive and grow. As of now, we have successfully developed salesforce digital solutions for the following industry sectors: