Cloud Computing

Our comprehensive approach to cloud computing allows organizations to address various vital applications and data needs such as CRM, databases, and data storage, delivering resources in a few hours, instead of days. As a result, organizations have greater agility and can effectively control technology expenses.


Cloud Migration

Gain easy access to your data and increase your productivity by moving your business assets to the cloud. Our cloud migration strategy enables you to move your applications, data, and business elements to the cloud. We start by identifying critical applications and assess their readiness for cloud deployment, then migrate the ones that demonstrate “low hanging fruit” with the most significant positive impact on your business, and plan and prepare the rest for subsequent deployment when they are cloud-ready.

Cloud Computing Strategy

Get the right strategies and plans for your cloud implementation by availing of Croyten’s cloud assessment and readiness processes. Our cloud services provide you with a cloud architecture blueprint that pinpoints your current and future business needs, inclusive of cloud platforms’ options that best suit your business goals, and identifies business tools and smart applications that will support your cloud transformation.


Cloud Computing Monitoring and Reporting

Leverage centralized visibility over your cloud architecture through health monitoring of multi-cloud platforms. We will configure and automate your cloud monitoring, and reporting service, including automated alert mechanisms, notification of under and overused compute resources, including triggers to rebalance them, suspicious cybersecurity threats, alerts, triggers, and cloud performance for continuous improvement.

Cloud Optimization

Our cloud computing services include evaluating your cloud environment and recommending adjustments for savings. We also address critical security gaps and re-design the architecture for maximum efficiency.