Business Intelligence Consulting

Get more out of your data with Croyten’s Business Intelligence Consulting. We promise greater data transparency, independence, flexibility, and accessibility. Moreover, we promise end-to-end compliance and accurate data delivery.

Business Intelligence Consultancy

Are you ready to take the next step in your data management? We can help you to understand your data needs, successfully design a new data architecture, and seamlessly integrate it within the existing enterprise digital ecosystem. You require an intelligent, experienced, and expert technology partner to lead you through your digital transformation journey. That too, without disrupting the rest of your business.

Business Intelligence Consulting

Why Choose Us?

At Croyten, we understand the importance of data for a business. Here is how we can help you establish, run and manage your data architecture: Providing a business strategy evaluation to assess your suitability and readiness for a data solution; Designing and developing a data architecture to meet your unique business needs; Deploying a self-service data service platform to manage enterprise data; and, Guide you through the cultural change that happens as a result of becoming a data-driven business.

Our Team

We have an expert team of consultants, data analysts, and software engineers. They can help you, firstly, by accessing your data needs and highlighting problems in your existing data architecture. Secondly, they can identify data products for you. Thirdly, they can customize a state-of-the-art and industry-approved data platform. And, lastly, they can phase in the change with the least possible disruption.

Business Intelligence Consulting
Business Intelligence Consulting

Data Architecture

Manage your data across technologies with a data infrastructure that allows easy business intelligence management. Company data is vital. It is also subject to regulatory compliance. Moreover, it must be safe and secure. Our data architecture services help safeguard your enterprise data by determining and defining it to provide a comprehensive roadmap. This roadmap will effectively guide your organization and improve your database systems.

Business Intelligence Consulting: Data Mesh

The latest service in our business intelligence offering isĀ Data Mesh Architecture. We can create a decentralized Data Mesh architecture that will fit your business needs.

Custom Enterprise Reporting and Analytics

Design and develop a custom-built information delivery solution to facilitate your user needs and allow your executives, directors, and managers to have instant access to critical information necessary for effective and productive performance.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence Consulting

Business Intelligence Consulting

Setting business strategies and corporate objectives, translating complex data into valuable insight and information, and identifying necessary business strategies are essential for business intelligence success. Examine, review, assess your enterprise structure, and develop an end-to-end solution with our business intelligence consulting services to achieve your goals, scale your business, and overcome your challenges.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is improving all areas of life. Businesses are being transformed by AI, as well. As more organizations decide to integrate AI into their existing ecosystem, the rest must adapt to compete. So, if you want to stay abreast, contact us today for a customized AI strategy. Whether you want to automate complex tasks or optimize revenue from marketing spend, our AI and data specialists can help you by building predictive models that will give you advanced capabilities.

Artificial Intelligence
Artificial intelligence

Deep Learning

Deep learning extracts information from big datasets. In essence, it imitates human thinking for data processing. Thereupon, creating patterns that help in making decisions. This technology has the potential to add tremendous value to your business. We can create custom-built algorithms and models so you can benefit from deep learning. We use external variables to get accurate results. And hence, show future trends. Firstly, these analytics will help you make more informed decisions. Secondly, it will give you better precision. So, to keep up with the changing market, you must capitalize on deep learning by choosing the right technology partner.


What is a business intelligence consultant?

A business intelligence consultant is an expert who examines company data to improve its efficiency, decision making, and overall performance.

What are the duties of a business intelligence consultant?

The top responsibilities of of business intelligence consultant include:

  • Testing, implementing and documenting BI systems;
  • Evaluating existing data-collecting and analytics systems;
  • Building predictive models and machine-learning algorithms;
  • Analyzing big data to discover trends and patterns;
  • Translating business needs into technical specifications.
What are business intelligence services?

Business intelligence services include designing, developing and deploying enterprise data processes and integrating, supporting and managing related applications and platforms.

What are the five major stages of business intelligence?

The five major stages of business intelligence are:

  • Data Sourcing;
  • Data Engineering and Analysis;
  • Situation Awareness;
  • Decision Making;
  • Decision Support.