The rise of Jokr from a startup to a $430 million dollar company only took eight months. Starting in New York, it quickly expanded its operations around the world. Come 2021, the company was taking huge losses, which led to the closure of its operations
Crypto markets have lost $2 trillion over the past few months. Bitcoin has slumped from $67000 to $20000. It would be unfair to hold global financial crises as the only reason for this downturn. The launch of unsafe and poorly designed coins is also responsible. In
Apple had introduced privacy controls in their devices after the alleged involvement of Facebook in the Cambridge Analytica scandal. But apps were still able to track activity to show targeted ads to users. This stopped with the release of iOS 14.5 that comes with a
Companies are now responding with some out-of-the-box approaches to deal with the two-year shortage of chip production.   One of these approaches comes from car makers who appropriate semiconductors made for washing machines, rewriting code to run their products on chips that use less silicon, and shipping
The Crypto market grew to $2.9 trillion in November 2021. It is partly because of this staggering growth and partly due to the recent crash of crypto markets, that both US & European lawmakers are looking to regulate crypto.   The US senate has witnessed several proposals
The FinTech stakeholders are continuously adopting new technological solutions to make their services more efficient and cheaper. This process sped up after the 2008 financial crisis when traditional banks faced tighter regulations, forcing them to look toward technology-based financial solutions. ATMs (automated teller machines), mobile