Communicating Cybersecurity to Employees

Communicating Cybersecurity to Your Employees

Oftentimes, companies approach communicating cybersecurity with fear – as if it will make their employees more vigilant. Business leaders and security managers should understand that use of powerful emotions, specifically fear, do not work, but there are alternatives to which they can tap to in order to communicate the importance of cybersecurity in an effective way. 

In an article by the Wall Street Journal, fear can “leave in a constant state of anxiety, which makes them unable to think clearly about the threats.” Scare messaging employees about cyber attacks can also make them think that the threats are exaggerated and that their bosses do not trust them on doing the right thing. Fear does not also last for a long time, making employees unlikely to commit to their frequent preventive actions such as using a strong password.

If that is the case, how should you communicate cybersecurity with your employees, and more importantly, make them care about it? Here are some ways you can apply.

Establish an internal communications strategy

A survey conducted by a research firm in Australia reported that 43% of employees do not know whether their company has protocol to follow during a cyber attack and data breach or not. Prepare your team before attacks happen by developing an internal communications strategy. Try setting up an exclusive and secured communication platform which you can send real-time instructions during a cyberattack. You may also opt for diversifying your communication strategies by utilizing platforms that your employees frequently check. Creative communication strategies might also work. Check in with your communication team and see how you can deliver cybersecurity information and instructions with more creativity and impact.

Cybersecurity is not difficult to communicate like most business leaders and IT managers believe. The right communication, strategy, and platform can make all the difference.

Tell a story

Most employees do not know the full consequences of not taking the proper steps against cyberattacks. Often because cybersecurity is communicated poorly in the workplace. And they were unable to grasp the role they play in keeping company information and data safe. Telling a story by painting a detailed picture of how a cyberattack looks will help your employees understand the gravity of vulnerabilities and potential risks. You may also try giving concrete examples. Comprehensive descriptions of viable threats and repercussions. And tools to combat these can help your employees be fully prepared. And preventive of any cyberattacks. Tell a good story they can relate to and can easily share with their colleagues.

Implement training and focus sessions.

Have a plan for security breaches by frequently training your employees. Employees should know what to do and who to contact during a security breach. Provide training that focuses on how to avoid an attack, how to detect one. And what to do when/if it happens. Have a clear and easy to follow protocols that are proactive rather than reactive. Further educate your employees by allowing them to familiarize themselves with cybersecurity and attacks by having an ongoing conversation about it. Especially now that most people are working remotely. And have the tendency to be confident and lay their guards down. Have reminders from time to time and conduct monitoring to ensure that they are staying safe. And disciplined in terms of information and data security.

Cybersecurity is not difficult to communicate like most business leaders and IT managers believe. The right communication, strategy, and platform can make all the difference. Make sure to dedicate ample time to explore what best works for your employees and keep your organization sustainably safe. 

However, you also need to take note that this is just another layer of security to your company. Always remember that the bulk of work for cybersecurity is to scale up your efforts by taking up more aggressive steps to protect and grow your company. Check Croyten’s IT and IT security services and products such as AuditRun in order to be guided into the right steps for securing your company internal from external threats.