Whitelabel Robo Advisor Investment Platform

Whitelabel Robo Advisor Investment Platform

Customers are more comfortable communicating and transacting online and expect their financial services provider to have a digital investment platform. At the same time, investors are looking for new digital tools to grow their wealth management business. Businesses must provide clients with a user-friendly and effective digital experience before they start losing clients to competitors who already have.


As a financial institution, your first instinct may be to develop a digital solution in-house. However, building a customized solution from scratch to meet the exact needs of your business is not always the best option. Why reinvent the wheel, only to make the same mistakes that others have already made and fixed? Stepping out of your core competence may significantly slow your progress and cost you a lot. Suppose you opt for existing solutions seamlessly integrating with your digital banking or investment products to avoid the pitfalls easily.


As one of the leading digital technology solution providers in the market, Croyten has helped many financial institutions develop banking, payments and investment platforms. We leverage our existing frameworks to decrease software development time and time-to-market drastically. Some of our key framework components are trade analysis components, trade execution components and trade status components, among others.


We can accelerate your digital transformation journey with our white label robo advisor investment solutions. Our robo advisor investment platform provides financial services with unique enterprise-grade functionality that combines business, technology, and compliance logic in every deployment. It empowers banks, credit unions, RIAs, broker-dealers, and wealth managers by creating a revolutionary digital wealth investing experience for their end customers. Some of the largest global financial industry brands are looking to Croyten’s white label robo advisor investment solution as their trusted, innovative, and engaging digital wealth platform solution.


Our whitelabel robo advisor investment platform is for banks, credit unions, RIAs, broker-dealers, and wealth managers of all sizes, enabling them to offer their services online. Through its self-directed features, our platform is designed to allow investors and advisors to track, trace and house all their investments in one place.


Some of the main features that our whitelabel platform provides include but not limited to;


  1. US-Based ETF portfolios algorithmically matched to a client stated risk tolerance
  2. Dynamic portfolios designed to address changing markets
  3. Cutting-edge algorithms and technology to reduce client fees

If you would like a demo of our whitelabel robo advisor investment platform, please call us at 617 477 6888 or visit our website for more details.

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