Users Leave Twitter for Mastodon

Users Leave Twitter for Mastodon

After Elon Musk’s takeover of Twitter, some of the social media platform’s users had been seeking an alternative. One of the biggest beneficiaries has been Mastodon, which saw its user base swell to 655000, with 230000 using joining only last week.


The user interface of Mastodon is similar to Twitter, but, under the hood, the two are quite different. Mastodon users can write posts called toots that can be replied to, liked or re-posted. Users can also follow each other.


Although Mastodon has been around for 6 years, the recent activity on the platform is unprecedented and the infrastructure is struggling to bear the weight.


The biggest difference between Twitter and Mastodon is that the latter is not a centralized platform or owned by an organization. Unlike Twitter, Mastodon is a decentralized platform that is spread over servers around the world that are owned by different people and organizations.

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