Have you unlocked the power of your raw enterprise data? Do you have a true understanding of how that data is currently helping your business and what it can do for you in the future?Are your web and mobile applications easy to use? Are they secure?


Our services, consultants and proven agile methodologies, will help you create an end-to-end environment to quickly and easily address the specific needs of your organization and take full control of your vital information and its delivery.


Our highly interactive and engaging websites, web applications, and web community interfaces create an exceptional user experience with cutting-edge results.

We can tailor our services to help you address ways to:

  • Increase revenue
  • Improve efficiency
  • Identify and act on new opportunities
  • Minimize risk
  • Achieve competitive advantage
  • Build stronger customer relationships
  • Accelerate ROI from application investments
  • Facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration

Setting business strategies and corporate objectives, translating complex data into valuable insight and information, and identifying necessary business strategies are essential to successful business intelligence projects.

At Croyten, we will examine, review, and assess your enterprise structure and develop an end-to-end solution that helps you successfully achieve your goals and overcome your challenges.

It all starts with the data. Our data solutions and services are state-of-the-art and tailored to specifically meet your company’s individual needs. We provide you with everything from the construction of data models through to the development of the interface to report and analyze your data.

Our team of expert consultants is designed to take the most complicated data and transform it into simplistic and comprehensible information.


Every company, big or small, is subject to security breaches. Our information security services can help you plan, protect and prevent these attacks as well as respond and recover if it is compromised.

Our highly-skilled teams will review your resources and provide a risk management plan to protect your infrastructure and data from cyber attacks. Our approach is risk based. We identify your company’s risk based on your business key processes, stress test key points in your infrastructure and critical applications, identify vulnerability, and prescribe and implement fixes to address them.


Data Architecture is a set of standards or policies that identify which data gets collected and how it is stored, integrated, and put to use within organizations and database systems. Because company data is vital, it needs to be contained in a safe and secure warehouse.

Our team of experts will extensively determine and define your data to provide a comprehensive roadmap that will effectively guide your organization and improve your database systems. Our team will efficiently help you create, design, and manage the flow of your data and its interaction across your technology infrastructure. To safeguard your enterprise data, we can design and develop a secure and reliable data solution that allows for easy data management and retrieval.


Enterprise reporting and analytics allow a company to leverage and transform any data into valuable information and deliver it to different user groups. With in-depth knowledge of software and application development, our experienced consultants can design and develop a custom-built information delivery solution to facilitate user needs, allowing executives, directors, and managers to have instant access to critical information necessary for an effective and productive performance.


Application Integration, also known as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI), is composed of methods or plans that allow for easy consolidation and modernization of software applications in an enterprise.
Enterprise Applications (EA) such as automated billing systems, payment processing, customer support, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business Intelligence don’t share the same data. Our comprehensive, adaptable EAI can effortlessly unite enterprise applications to automate business processes without causing major changes on data structure. Utilizing our EAI can provide your enterprise real-time information, streamline business processes, efficiently access information, and transfer data across multiple platforms.


Information security assessment is vital to safeguard enterprise technology security. Because threats continue to evolve, we regularly conduct a comprehensive security audit to ensure the safety of your enterprise data and information. Our sophisticated information security assessment is designed to identify the risks and vulnerabilities. Our advanced technology solutions, paired with our expert professionals who are equipped with in-depth knowledge of the latest security threats, can assess how these threats could penetrate your enterprise systems.


Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA) refers to a structured approach to developing integrated security architecture. Our comprehensive approach on EISA allows organizations to identify activities vital to strengthening enterprise data security and selecting necessary security controls. Using our modern and cutting-edge technology solutions, we are able to provide an advanced enterprise security architecture to match your organization’s size, profile, and budget. Through our detailed guidance system, we can support your organizations in developing a roadmap geared towards improving their information security and minimizing loss of data – either through malicious software or accidental deletion.


Cloud computing, or simply the cloud, provides shared resources and data to computers and other multiple devices in real time. Our comprehensive approach on cloud computing allows organizations to address various infrastructure needs such as CRM, database, and data storage. Through our cloud computing services, we can deliver resources in a matter of minutes to hours. As a result, organization have greater agility and can effectively control organizational expenses.