IRS COVID-19 Relief Payment Gets Prone to Phishing


A credential-phishing email campaign is making the rounds, using the lure of coronavirus tax relief to scam people into giving up their personal information. The data-harvesting cybercriminals are looking to take advantage of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) deadlines that are approaching for consumers who haven’t received an Economic Impact Payment. Using a SharePoint form, users are asked for email credentials, Social Security numbers, driver’s license numbers and tax ID numbers.

To avoid falling victim, users should remain vigilant, and be wary of entering any personal information – including Social Security numbers and the like – after clicking on a link in an email. If your organization is prone to phishing and other similar attacks, better have your system and employees ready. You may tap an IT Solutions company to help you out, such as Croyten. The company assists organizations in creating IT systems that cannot be penetrated by cyber attackers