Information Security

Our information security services can help you plan and protect sensitive information from security breaches and other unauthorized access. Using our risk-based approach, our highly-skilled teams will review your resources and provide a risk management plan to protect confidential and private information and data from unauthorized access, use, misuse, disclosure, and the likes. Croyten’s information security process includes identifying your company’s risk based on your business key processes, stress test key points in your infrastructure and critical applications, emerging and existing vulnerabilities; and prescribe and implement/recommend remediation.


Because threats continue to evolve, we regularly conduct a comprehensive security audit to ensure your enterprise data and information safety. Our sophisticated information security assessment identifies the risks and vulnerabilities and assesses how existing threats could penetrate your enterprise systems and prevent them from happening.


Enterprise Information Security Architecture (EISA) refers to the structured approach to developing integrated security architecture. Our comprehensive EISA approach allows organizations to identify activities vital to strengthening enterprise data security and selecting necessary security controls. We will provide an information security architecture and roadmap that match your organization’s size, profile, budget, and goals.

Application Security

Application Security is an essential part of software development from the beginning.  Agile development changes the way we think about application security; we are no longer waiting for the end of software development to scan for vulnerabilities. Instead, we’re integrating that effort as part of the CI/CD and DevOps functions. To minimize application security vulnerabilities, we will coach your software developers on writing secure code. Croyten’s security team offers end-to-end services starting from training to deployment and cloud security.

Cloud Security

As security attacks and breaches become prevalent, cloud security protection should be your priority, mainly if your organization deals with sensitive data and transactions. Croyten will help you manage and maintain your cloud security infrastructure using security features that are available with your cloud infrastructure.  We will identify and protect critical data stores, assets and automate essential tasks. Our services include Cloud Security Architecture and Implementation, Cloud Security Automation, Monitoring, Risk and Vulnerability Assessment, Security Compliance, Threat Management, and Security Strategy.