Ecuador’s Largest Bank suffers from cyberattack

Ecuador’s Largest Bank suffers from cyberattack

Pichincha, which is Ecuador’s largest bank, continued to experience disruption in their services since Friday due to a cyberattack that took place in the institution several days earlier.

The bank has already released a statement acknowledging the cybersecurity incident and has begun their investigation and countermeasures to mitigate its impacts.

The attack has partially disabled the services of the bank, causing long lines to form outside its branches, with customers taking their complaints to social media. According to some of the posts, the automated machines weren’t accessible, as well as their online and mobile applications.

To solve the problem, the Superintendency of Banks has already interfered with the situation by sending a delegation to the bank’s headquarters. According to available data, the bank has around $1.5 billion in its portfolio and is serving 1.5 million customers.

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