Poor data quality is a common challenge for many organizations today, often caused by fragmented operations, multiple independent business units, and disparate enterprise data sources. But, data quality is more than just an IT issue. In fact, low data integrity can prevent your executive, managers, and employees from obtaining the kind of valuable, accurate, and timely information they need to perform more efficiently, and make faster, better business decisions.

At Croyten, we understand the importance of data quality in any business intelligence strategy. That’s why we strive to help our customers gain greater control over their information, and take a more proactive approach to data quality management. Our program not only uncovers and corrects existing data integrity issues, it can help your company put rules, guidelines, and procedures in place to maintain optimum data quality at all times.

We combine our extensive expertise in data warehousing and management, with best-of-breed technologies and a field-tested delivery approach. So we can help you create a centralized, easy-to-access repository of vital enterprise data that is rich, up-to-date, and highly accurate.

Our staff has extensive experience performing even the most complex back-end data quality activities and procedures. Additionally, they have in-depth knowledge of the latest Internet and enterprise application integration (EAI) technologies. So, they have all the skills and tools needed to help you dramatically improve the quality of your vital business data and achieve true business intelligence success by:

  • Conducting an in-depth analysis of your current environment, and identifying any data quality issues, as well as their causes.
  • Dynamically integrating, consolidating, and standardizing data from your enterprise sources – including mainframe and legacy systems – into a fully centralized, easy to access data warehouse (newly designed or existing).
  • De-duplicating, scrubbing, and enriching data to ensure maximum accuracy, consistency, and completeness.