Your customer data is your most valuable asset, and can provide you with the insight you need to improve satisfaction levels, uncover new sales opportunities and revenue streams, and maximize profitability. Yet, many companies are challenged to consolidate the raw customer data that exists in various disparate sources, and transform it into the valuable knowledge required to implement more successful sales, marketing, and service strategies.

Croyten’s state-of-the-art customer data management solution is designed to give you a single, consolidated view of your client information, so you can obtain the vital intelligence you need to fully understand their needs, preferences, and behaviors. Armed with this insight, you can put highly-effective campaigns and programs into place that improve customer loyalty and retention, enhance up-sell and cross-sell initiatives, and increase the value of each and every client relationship.

Our robust solution offers complete, end-to-end customer data management, and includes:


Our team will conduct a thorough requirements analysis, working closely with key customer-facing personnel in your organization to:

  • Determine what customer intelligence you need to achieve your business goals
  • Identify the core processes and workflows that have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction
  • Understand your current technology architecture, including which business systems house vital customer information
  • Assess the quality of your customer data, and uncover any flawed data governance and management practices that may hinder information integrity
  • Identify the metrics, key performance indicators, and reports that will best help you measure the success of your most important customer initiatives
  • Design

Experienced Croyten professionals will partner with your team to create a comprehensive customer data management plan that outlines:

  • How customer data will be stored, including logical and physical data models, data flow diagrams, and a customer data hub that will serve as a single source of timely and accurate customer information for your employees
  • Steps to enrich existing data, such as centralization and de-duplication
  • Stringent data governance processes and matching rules that will help you maintain optimum data quality at all times
  • Hardware and software recommendations
  • Reporting requirements, to ensure that all customer-facing staff can quickly and easily access and analyze client data, whenever they need it
  • Implementation and deployment procedures
  • Implementation

A robust customer data management environment will then be installed and deployed, including:

  • A master data model and data integration hub
  • An ETL hub, complete with data sourcing, extraction, and loading routines
  • Data quality matching rules
  • A centralized reporting repository
  • Functional data marts
  • A metadata hub